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Contracts Tool

“What’s in Your Contracts?”

Research shows that poor contract management costs companies an average of 9% of their annual revenue (independent study by IACCM).


Businesses are looking for ways to optimize operations - speeding up the contracts process while reducing risk and liability. Business contracting is a key area for optimization where inefficient processes and bad deals lead to more than just poor revenue outcomes, they lead to poor business health. 

Concrete Architecture

The Problems

Most businesses struggle with the process of getting contracts done. The contracts process is usually the tail end of a long journey in getting a client's business and getting the deal "over the finish line". But skipping steps is costly in the long run.

  • Unknown risks

  • Hidden costs

  • Uncertainty in revenue

  • Inconsistent terms

  • Missing contracts

  • Slow to close

The Outcome

ContractsRx - Build It Once, Use It Often, Improve Always.

ContratcsRx SAAS solution automates the entire continuum for contracts leveraging re-usable, standardized templates, searchable dashboards, automated tracking, electronic signatures and AI-powered contract summary search

The Solution

Prescription for an inefficient and expensive legal contracting process. Empowering internal legal teams, Sales Ops, or even Sales Reps to create repeatable business contracts that reduce risks, and liability for the company while increasing certainty in the revenue you expect for your business.

Building Entrance

Client Success

A healthcare technology and services client with $15m annual revenue needed to get 15 customer agreements out ahead of closing an additional funding round. Using ContractsRx, they issued the contracts within 30 minutes. 

And with AI-assisted review - we analyze the other party’s paper to consistently compare the terms that drive risk and value for our clients so they can make decisions quickly, and confidently.

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