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AI-Powered Legal Billing Review
and Analysis 

AI-Driven Analytics - What’s in your legal invoice?

Inaccurate billing often goes unnoticed by most law firms. This scenario becomes more pronounced in larger firms where the billing department operates independently from the legal teams responsible for billing. Regardless of the size of the law firm, FARB’s AI-powered analysis and detailed reporting demonstrates the billing issues. 

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The Problems

Clients often find themselves in the dark about the contents of their legal bills because they don’t have enough time and resources for a detailed review.

Existing AI tools often lack depth and provide generic analysis rather than detailed insights required for a client to make in formed decision. 

The Outcome

Fair Accurate Reflective Billing (FARB)

FARB provides comprehensive solutions to address the challenges clients encounter with their legal billing.

FARB’s AI technology and tailored review process, scrutinizes invoices to ensure the services are accurately invoiced.

The Solution

FARB’s proactive strategies improve legal engagements saving the client time and money and provides guidance so the client can maintain the relationship with their current law firm.

FARB’s systematic approach provides detailed analysis ensures you pay for value, not just a service fee.

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Client Success

A healthcare services client utilized an international legal firm to assist in a complicated international deal.  The firm provided services over a 60-day period from multiple offices and the invoices totaled over $400,000.  


After reviewing the invoices, we identified $100,000 in over billing and assisted our client in developing a strategy to recover the over billing.  And with AI-assisted invoice review, we help clients do this each day, at scale.

Key Benefits:

Cost Savings

We typically find 20% of incorrect billing. Imagine the savings this could represent for your business!


We offer recapture services to facilitate achieving the savings we’ve identified.

Time Efficiency

With the pace of business today, no one has time to closely review legal bills, even if they know what to look for. We take care of the time-consuming task of reviewing bills, so you can focus on running your business.

Enhanced Transparency

We provide a detailed report highlighting and scoring discrepancies, allowing you to better understand your legal expenses.

Rules of Engagement

We review your processes in retaining outside counsel and provide you guidance on when to engage outside counsel and what additional terms to include in your engagement letter to ensure that you are billed fairly and accurately, reducing the risk of future billing disputes.

Customized Solutions

Our service is tailored to meet the unique needs of small to mid-size businesses, providing a flexible and scalable solution.

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